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Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the school district's computer system to gain information about the government. officials say they did not compromise personal information. the hackers were using several innocent party's servers to try to steal information from the fbi and the cia. >> we have been told our firewall wasn't breached, they got to our server, used it to cover their tracks. >> since there was no breach they were asked to leave the server up and running to try to track down the guilty party. >>> police arrested a man suspected of committing two bank robberies. adam kiedrowski was taken into custody tuesday. investigators believe he is the suspect who robbed a u.s. bank on august 28 and another u.s. bank on september 5. >>> illegal immigrants signed up for a program allowing them to apply for driver's license. >> hard to work my schedule around that and having my driver's license would be great. >> counselors helped dozens with their paper work. it is part of a bill signed by governor jerry brown yesterday. to qualify they must be under 30, going to school or graduated or served in the military. those who wo
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with the government before putting them on sale. critics say it allows them too much latitude to make unproven claims. >>> residents in three counties are about to get hit with a sales tax hike. it will take effect october 1. hurkiallys, pittsburg and sab pab low. increases to 8.75%. >>> counties that have developed ways to maximize jail space without compromising puplic safety. marin, santa clara, santa cruz, san francisco and yolo. part of a series of studies aimed at providing information to reduce over crowding. >> some successful counties are offering treatment programs programs. they are in the community receiving services, able to work and be with their families. >> a study of policies is set to be released next week. >>> california school rankings could undergo a shift. under the law tests can only make up 60% of a school's annual statewide rankings. it will allow schools to focus on other measures. >>> bart says passengers can expect delays this weekend. they will be testing a new train control system. they will run on manual mode which could cause 5-10 minute delays. it should wrap up by su
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2